Climate change adaptation in Swedish Forestry – driving forces, risks and opportunities

Type: Report
Series: Mistra-SWECIA Report 7
Author: André K, Carlsen H, Gerger Swartlin Å, Olsson O and Vulturius G


This is an extract from the longer synthesis report Klimatanpassat skogsbruk – Drivkrafter, risker och möjligheter [Climate change adaptation in Swedish forestry: Driving forces, risks and opportunities], which is available only in Swedish. This report, with the same name, focuses on the social science contribution to Mistra-SWECIA, which concerns research on the actual process of adaptation to a climate that is gradually changing. In order to illustrate adaptation processes in a real-world context, the programme has focused on the Swedish forestry sector, with field and literature studies between the years 2010 and 2015. This has also underpinned the description and conclusions contained in this report on the climate change adaptation landscape and process of adaptation, including roles and the interests of stakeholders (with the focus on individual forest owners and forest officials), as well as which factors drive or prevent climate change adaptation. As a result of Mistra-SWECIA, we now know more about how private forest owners and forestry advisers perceive climate change and risks, different ways of managing the forest and what knowledge they need in order to adapt their forestry to climate change.

Climate change adaptation in Swedish forestry: Driving forces, risks and opportunities