Communicating climate science

How do you explain climate science in a way that engages stakeholders who may need to adapt to changing conditions? Mistra-SWECIAs Gregor Vulturius shares lessons from his work with Swedish forest owners.

One of the biggest challenges in translating climate science into policy and on-the-ground action is how to present complex scientific messages in ways that resonate with lay audiences, but don’t oversimplify or sensationalize.

The MISTRA-Swecia project has has been working with Swedish forest owners, raising their awareness of how climate change will affect forests in different areas in Sweden and identifying potential adaptation measures. A key focus of the work has been trying to understand how people learn about climate change, and how learning can transform people’s mindsets and behaviours – what does it take to truly engage stakeholders?

Research Associate Gregor Vulturius was invited to share insights from this work at TEDx Lugano, an independent TED event held in Lugano, Switzerland on 12 April. The theme for the day was “A Lens of Opportunity”.