Mistra-SWECIA final conference

Stockholm November 18th

Climate, Impacts and Adaptation, ā€“ focus on Forests and Forestry, Land use and Economy (Mistra-SWECIA 2008-2015).

Date: 18 November
Time: 8:30ā€“16:30, followed by refreshments and dinner
Venue: Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74 Stockholm

During the last eight years, Mistra-SWECIA has studied climate change, impacts and adaptation with a special focus on Swedish forests and forestry. In addition to climate change itself and its direct impacts, the research has also explored ways of responding to these; for example with different forest management strategies, how knowledge is transferred, how Swedish forest actors perceive climate change and related risks, and also how the forest sector is affected by changes in a broader global context. Another research focus has been climate economy on global scale.

In the final conference, the most important outcomes from the research will be discussed. The achievements of the programme will be discussed alongside the potential future climate change adaptation landscape, and in the light of the possible next set of research challenges.
The speakers include researchers from Mistra-SWECIA. Tim Carter from SYKE in Finland will provide a forward-looking perspective. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion involving representatives from stakeholders and users who can reflect on the new knowledge that has been created, discussed and shared during the programme. The Moderator for the day is Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director Stockholm Environment Institute.


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