About Mistra-SWECIA

Mistra-SWECIA is a research programme on climate, impacts and adaptation. It extends and transcends state-of-the-art disciplinary research on climate science, biology/ecology, economics, and social sciences.

Climate change is a forceful driver of global change, a serious environmental problem and a major obstacle to sustainable development. Advances in the science of climate change have uncovered how the world warms and that this global warming is almost certainly caused by anthropogenic emissions. Continued climate change is a near certainty due to past emissions and inertia of the world oceans, and is further compounded by the present and projected emissions. In addition to mitigation, adaptation will be an important means to deal with the problem of climate change.

Programme objective

The overall objective of Mistra-SWECIA is to facilitate adaptation by means of scientifically sound integrated climate, impact and economic scenarios and research on the adaptation process.

How can the programme contribute to a solution of climate adaptation challenges?

The challenge and promise of the Mistra-SWECIA is to forge together a new line of research, combining the expertise and approaches of different disciplines (physical climate system science, biology, economics and social sciences) into a more coherent whole. The research will be conducted in dialogue with users and include a more generic outreach. User dialogue and outreach will serve to promote insights on the relevant questions and available answers, as well as to focus the Programme efforts. In particular, Mistra-SWECIA will identify adaptation policies and support their development and application. Its research will significantly contribute to the management of climate change by means of adaptation. Indirectly, the results will also help define the mitigation agenda.

Who will benefit from the results?

The foreseen users of the results are national and international policy-makers and regional-to-local decision-makers in the public and private sector. The general public is also seen as a user group. There are, of course, also science users of the research. Indeed, some of the policy-makers´ user value will arise from increased internationalisation of Swedish climate research.

Segelbåt (Liten puff)

SWECIA stands for Swedish Research Programme on Climate, Impacts and Adaptation.

The programme participants are from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Insitute (SMHI), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Lund University and Stockholm University. SMHI is the programme host.

Funded by The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra.