Mistra-SWECIA is an interdisciplinary research programme on climate, impacts and adaptation. The programme brings together researchers in the fields of climate science, economics, life sciences and social sciences. Since 2008, Mistra-SWECIA has deepened our understanding of how research on climate change, its impacts and economic implications can support stakeholders.


27 January 2016

The research programme Mistra-SWECIA has completed its mission

The Swedish research programme on climate, impacts and adaptation – Mistra-SWECIA – ended 31 December 2015 after the planned eight years of activities. Although some finalising activities will continue during the first half of 2016, most of the results have now been rounded up. Programme director Markku Rummukainen reflects on the years of Mistra-SWECIA.

25 November 2015

Eight years later: More understanding, knowledge and connections

In the Mistra-SWECIA final conference, researchers, forest owners and other stakeholders gathered to summarise the work done over the eight years of the programme. Research developments and results, collaboration initiatives and reflections about the future were shared.

Programme Participants


Annual Report

Mistra Svecia annual report 2016

Interdisciplinary work has been the underlying theme throughout the research programme. Communication and exchange of knowledge with stakeholders was another important focus, and a working group for collaboration was created.

Read more about Mistra-SWECIA’s research, collaboration with practitioners in forestry and climate adaptation, about the benefit to society and different activities which took place during 2015 in the final Annual Report 2015.


Mistra-SWECIA final conference

Stockholm November 18th

Climate, Impacts and Adaptation, – focus on Forests and Forestry, Land use and Economy (Mistra-SWECIA 2008-2015).

Drivers for decision making amongst forest owners

Copenhagen May 12-14

Mistra-SWECIA participates at the The European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, ECCA, to discuss the drivers that contributes to decision making and climate adaptation within forestry.

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